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Jenny Badger Sultan, 1941-2021

I have been an artist since I was a child, finding that working with art materials and using my imagination to create images was deeply satisfying. I attended Pomona College, where I received a B.A. in Art in l962. I went on to Columbia University, earning my MFA in Painting in 1963. After school I soon found that the world of inner experience--dreams, visions, symbolic representations of states of being--was the area that I wanted to express in my paintings.

I have lived in the Bay Area since l965, married Henry Sultan, a painter, and together we have raised two children, shared a studio, worked, traveled, shared dreams, and made art. For 33 years I taught painting, color, drawing and design at City College of San Francisco. I retired from CCSF in June 2006, and have been continuing to experiment with new materials and ways of working.

Acrylic painting by Jenny Badger Sultan: 'Dream of the Fate of the Earth'. Click to enlarge.

My intentions as an artist are to work from my inner experiences and bring them into relationship with timeless human spiritual and emotional realities through the process of image-making and experimentation with materials. Art has always been for me a process of self-discovery, healing, and integration.

I have focused for many years on the inner world and the coming together of life experiences, feelings, dreams, visions and their manifestation in visual imagery. While working I often enter that timeless space where I feel connected to the ancient past, the symbols and archetypal images of peoples of the world, my own personal history and symbols and current world events. The painting becomes a container where insights can occur at many levels through the process of interacting with the materials and the imagery; very often physical layering takes place as well.

I have been keeping a dream record and working with my dreams as a source of personal knowledge and transformation for over 40 years. The dreams have also been an important and constant inspiration in my art work.

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